Additive Manufacturing Technologiy Transfer (AMTT) stands for the targeted AM knowledge transfer between France and Germany. The aim is to learn not only from our experts, but also from each other and from the ingenuity of nature. The experts of the Fraunhofer IAPT see themselves not only as knowledge mediators, but also as visionaries and problem solvers for future technology transfer.




Fraunhofer IAPT

At Fraunhofer IAPT, we use the knowledge gained from over 15 years of research and development in the field of additive manufacturing and transfer it to your industrial application. We achieve this by helping you to accumulate knowledge along the entire value chain, shape innovation, and gain a competitive advantage. Whether training newcomers to the technology, designing bionic parts, developing complex additive processes, or planning the layout of quality-assured factories, you can benefit from our multidisciplinary experience in a wide range of technologies. Our experienced experts speak your language.




Our target groups for the workshops:

  • Companies that are open to new technologies
  • Design and software engineers to be trained on AM
  • Decision makers, technological business drivers, and creative minds

Why should you participate?
Are you and your colleagues interested in bionic design methods, and would you like to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of additive manufacturing? Profit from our free in-house workshops.




What does that mean?

  • Leading experts of the Fraunhofer IAPT conduct
    the workshops
  • The workshops will take place at your location
    We train your employees in part screening and
    bionic design methods
  • You will gain a good insight into additive manufacturing
    and potential future implementation of AM in your
  • With us, your technology launch will accelerate,
    giving you a real competitive advantage in terms of time
    and profitability


Workshop Elements


Understand the advantages and disadvantages of all relevant additive methods and the associated restrictions.

From polymer to metal to hybrid processes, the limits are being redefined in additive manufacturing.


Additive manufacturing opens up new ways to rethink and redesign your parts and products. Identify the opportunities associated with this innovative production technology, and find successful use cases within your own company.


With additive manufacturing you learn how to think out of the box regarding product design. Geometries and principles inspired by nature are suddenly possible without the previous manufacturing restrictions, and lead to higher functional integration and less weight regarding your parts.


Use the knowledge gained of this innovative technology to make your own products cost- and resource-efficient in order to remain competitive in the long run.