Fraunhofer IAPT vs. CORONA

Our lived IAPT mission is to industrialize additive production and thereby make the products of the future resource and energy efficient. Derived from this, it is an urgent concern for us to make a current contribution in a time in which quick help can live through 3D printed components.

This is why we have been committed since the beginning of the crisis to making various 3D printed components available across national borders in order to overcome supply bottlenecks. This ranges from door opening aids to the now ubiquitous face visors and masks to adapters and housings for respirators.



Printing of Face Shields for the Johanniter

In cooperation with the Allianz Generativ and Mobility Goes Additive we have printed a total of 300 visor holders for the Johanniter Unfallhilfe at the Fraunhofer IAPT.


Give a Breath Challenge

Together with Fraunhofer ITEM and Aircontrols, we were able to bring together the accumulated knowledge of ventilation technology and 3D printing to develop the Smart CPAP. The device is to be produced decentrally and made available for fast, safe use.

Donations for the UKE

For the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), we have printed and delivered more than 1,000 headgear holders for respiratory masks in cooperation with iLAS. We have also provided the UKE with various other prototypes such as face masks and face protection shields.

Helping schools

A primary school in Hamburg came directly to us and asked us to print face shields for them.

For the college 30 face shields were needed so that the children could see the facial expressions of the teachers, unlike with normal masks.

Help for Spain

We also had calls for help across the borders. For a Spanish hospital we printed 300 adapters for breathing masks.

We would like to thank Airbus, who actively supported us with the dispatch and delivery.


DualAdapter Easybreath

Together with our technology partner CompriseTec and the German Armed Forces Hospital, we have bundled expertise in the areas of injection molding, anesthesia and additive manufacturing to develop a mask that can be used for PPE as well as for ventilation purposes.

3D-printed injection moulding tools

Together with our partners atka Kunststoffverarbeitung and CompriseTec, we have developed and printed steel and aluminum mold inserts with conformal cooling channels to provide face shields and the DualAdapter for the "Easybreath Mask" in significantly higher quantities at lower costs.


MobiMed: Mobile 3D Printing

In the anti-corona in-house research project "MobiMed", the IAPT is developing a mobile manufacturing cell in 20-foot container format, which is intended to serve the flexible production of medical accessories in crisis areas.