Based on almost 15 years’ experience in industry and applied research, we possess a broad wealth ofknowledge that goes well beyond manufacturing alone. With a strong focus on the user, we take aninterdisciplinary approach when examining the entire value chain of additive manufacturing, allowing us to provide you with the services that add individual value, irrespective of your current level of knowledge. We boost the roll-out of your technology, giving you a real competitive edge in terms of time and profitability.


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Our services at a glance


Die Additive Academy ist die Weiterbildungseinrichtung des Fraunhofer IAPT.
Unsere Themengebiete decken das komplette Spektrum des industriellen Einsatzes der Additiven Produktion ab. Das Weiterbildungsangebot richtet sich an Mitarbeiter technologiegetriebener Unternehmen von Konstruktionsingenieuren über operative Fachkräfte bis hin zu strategischen Entscheidern. Hierbei können Sie zwischen eintägigen Crashkursen bis hin zu mehrtägigen individuellen Trainings gewählt werden. 

Part Screening

The advantages of additive manufacturing are clear: improved products thanks to functional design, lightweight construction, and integration of parts. These opportunities often go unnoticed, however, because evaluating the technical feasibility requires additive expertise. That is why our part screening service is the key to revealing the potential of your products and thus optimizing them.


Spare Parts

Spare parts produced by means of additive manufacturing can be made available as needed and on shortnotice, making it possible to react quickly and flexibly to breakdowns. Costs caused by downtime can becut and parts no longer available on the market can be reproduced. We help you to identify suitable parts, train your employees, and optimize your future spare parts management in order to minimize your stock levels – and thus your costs.  



Material and Process Qualification

Developing new materials for use in additive manufacturing requires extensive experience in the area of process management and material sciences. At Fraunhofer IAPT, we help you to qualify new materials and develop the associated process parameters on the systems that are relevant to you. This allows us to exploit even more fully the potential available to you in terms of application possibilities and material properties, and systematically cater to your individual needs in relation to product specifications.

Part Engineering

Our aim is to develop customer-specific parts that are optimized for the relevant processes. In doing so, we not only take into account the actual manufacturing process, but also the upstream and downstream stages of the process. You can count on a shorter development time for your products with the expert knowledge of our engineers. Furthermore, you can avoid iterative loops caused by manufacturing challenges and turn your individual design ideas into reality.  

System Development

A good and efficient processing system suitable for industrial applications starts with an individual analysis of your requirements. Besides learning about your processes, this also includes establishing how your new system will be integrated into your manufacturing chain in the future. Our systems u

Factory Planning

In times of digitalized production, you will remain competitive by using additive manufacturing processes for mass producing your goods. By integrating these performance enhancing processes within an existing manufacturing environment and building entire 3D printing factories from scratch, your company will be taking a forwardlooking step. Our range of services enables the best possible integration with your business model using individual analysis and simulation.  



We possess extensive expertise in the area of industrial quality assurance. Our specialists embed the latest cross-industry research insights into their qualification methods, enabling us to advise companies on matters beyond the current technological environment and prepare them for future challenges. Our core competency lies in our ability to make concise, industry related quality statements from the seemingly infinite amount of 3D process data generated.  



Industry Network

The Additive Alliance is our cross-sector industry working group for additive manufacturing. At regular network meetings we promote the sharing of knowledge between all stakeholders so that we can play a key role in shaping the future of industry through long-term cooperation partnerships. As such, the Additive Alliance is more than just a network.


Strategy Consulting

Optimal implementation of additive production into your processes requires a stable and comprehensive strategy. In addition to the market conditions, we also incorporate the specific business models of your company and, based on this, derive the time and cost plans. In doing so, we consider both the available capacities, technical conditions, module analyzes as well as our complete expert knowledge from additive production.