The immense technical advancements in medicine in recent years have ushered modern clinical practice into a new era. Digital techniques to capture and analyze anatomical structures for the purpose of pre-operative treatment planning, computer-guided surgery, computer-aided design, and manufacturing are becoming ubiquitous. For the first time, the concept of designing a virtual patient is becoming reality. Similarly, the increasing availability of rapid, compact optical scanners and 3D printers is revolutionizing the design and manufacturing procedures of medical components to rehabilitate patients. To date, medical 3D printing combined with artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and robotics is evolving rapidly in clinical settings. Currently, we are moving away from serial production towards patient-specific production of crowns, bridges, prostheses, orthodontic appliances, and medical/dental implants, from copies towards iterations. This paradigm shift is causing a major disruption in the medical and dental industry.

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Key Services

Over the past years, the Medical Center has built its own infrastructure of 3D printers and AI software solutions. The center provides support to companies, hospitals, and medical professionals in adopting, implementing, and deploying the aforementioned technologies. Furthermore, the center offers companies the possibility to collaborate on a wide range of different medical research projects. Education and training of medical specialists is also a key service offered by the Medical Center at IAPT.