360° AM competence from a single source

With our competencies, we address all relevant core areas of Additive Manufacturing. In doing so, we focus specifically on the requirements of industry and social relevance.

Our aim is to develop holistic and intelligent solutions that take into account and map the entire value chain as well as the individual process steps.

With our know-how, we support you from the appropriate material to the digitalization of the AM process chain to AM-specific production or product optimization. Our technological and scientific expertise covers the following 14 core areas of Additive Manufacturing:

Our Core Competencies at a Glance:

Process & System Development

We develop productive resource-efficient AM processes and systems, with projects ranging from basic feasibility studies to qualification of complete process chains.

Our core competencies are in the areas of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF), Direct Energy Deposition (DED), as well as sinter-based processes and extrusion processes for metals and polymers.

Powder and Material Qualification

Fraunhofer IAPT offers development services in the characterization and qualification of metallic powders for additive manufacturing, relying on state-of-the-art measurement and testing methods.

We offer a fully equipped material test laboratory for sample preparation as well as an extensive measurement technology for the characterization of microstructure, mechanical and physical properties.

Mobile Additive Manufacturing

Maintaining the resilience of supply chains and avoiding production downtime is highly important for numerous manufacturing companies. Therefore, decentralized manufacturing of goods in hard-to-reach regions is becoming increasingly important.

We develop mobile solutions for decentralized additive manufacturing based on wire arc additive manufacturing processes for metals and extrusion processes for plastics.


Joining AM Components & Hybrid Design

For the joining of AM components, we at Fraunhofer IAPT have developed in-depth expertise on the material behavior as well as the joining processes involved.

Thus, we make it possible to integrate AM components into overall structures or to use hybrid construction methods by combining classically and additively manufactured segments.

Data Format and Data Security

We develop an end-to-end data format that manages the entire process chain and eliminates the need for manual conversions. We are also developing secure methods (including blockchain) for data exchange with third parties.

For example, we can ensure that part and component data remain confidential and are only printed in the specified number at the supplier.

Digital Assistance Systems

With our digital assistance systems, we provide solutions to assist workflows along the Additive Manufacturing line. Hereby, for example, errors in manual production steps can be reduced, jobs can be standardized and know-how can be imparted to inexperienced personnel.

The visualization technology Augmented Reality enables the context-sensitive provision of information along the additive process chain naturally.

Production Control Systems

Production control systems regulate state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and enable the efficient execution of manufacturing processes. Conventional systems, however, have not yet been fully tailored to the process chains and flexible application scenarios of Additive Manufacturing and are therefore unable to exploit the full potential of the technology. We are working on this and developing production planning solutions tailored to the processes.

Digital Twins

The Fraunhofer IAPT develops digital twins of additive manufacturing chains. These digital images can be used to predict and control processes based on data and to optimize manufacturing quality.

We integrate sensors, develop interfaces to the machines and the entire data infrastructure to collect and analyze the resulting data.

Our own tools enable the holistic evaluation and optimization of process chains.

End-to-End Line Integration

When manufacturing components using additive manufacturing, upstream and downstream process steps are a fundamental requirement.

Our competence field of end-to-end line integration focuses on connecting all necessary process steps and developing new automation solutions as well as efficient and sustainable AM factory structures.



In order to meet industry-specific part requirements regarding surface quality and accuracy, a large number of additively manufactured parts require additional postprocessing steps.

Therefore, our postprocessing team evaluates existing technologies and develops innovative postprocessing methods with regard to the objectives of quality, time, cost and sustainability.


Part Design

Taking into account the influencing factors of ecological, economic and social sustainability, new methods for the development of highly efficient products are being researched and transferred to automated and industrialized process chains by our design optimization team.

Quality Assurance Methods

We develop quality assurance solutions including process monitoring, digital optimization of manufacturing processes for maximum efficiency, data analysis for comprehensive process understanding and intelligent decision-making, as well as automated defect analysis to ensure the highest qualities.

Process Specifications Conforming to Standards

We provide a complete overview of the international general and industry-specific standardization landscape and develop customized specifications for in-house production as well as suppliers.

Our expertise includes new and efficient QA procedures that support companies to reliably comply with standards and specifications.


Additive Academy®

The Additive Academy provides application-oriented knowledge on topics related to the industrial use of Additive Manufacturing.

In addition to theoretical training, the training program also includes hands-on training sessions held directly on the machines and is accompanied by a total of 40 experts from one of the leading institutes for AM.


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