Press Releases

  • Process parameter optimization by Fraunhofer IAPT / 2022

    Fraunhofer IAPT scales high-productivity L-PBF process for complex automotive component

    November 04, 2022

    In a joint research project with Constellium, Fraunhofer IAPT has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of high productivity L-PBF processing of the aluminum alloy AHEADD® CP1. Fraunhofer IAPT built an automotive door hinge demonstrator at 145 cm³ / h, using an industrial single-laser L-PBF system.

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  • More cost-effective than a milled part / 2022

    The "door opener" for 3D printing in automotive series production

    Pressemitteilung / January 14, 2022

    With approximately 50 percent lower cost and 35 percent weight savings compared to the equivalent milled part, a redesign of the arm of a door hinge for a high-profile sports car shows that innovation with additive manufacturing is economically feasible! This is made possible thanks to 3D printing-centred design methods developed by specialists at Fraunhofer IAPT.

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